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Responsible Clothing: Upcycling and Slow Fashion

The downside of our first denim collection was that, in order to meet minimum production requirements, it had to be mass-produced. We quickly saw the waste and environmental harm that this caused. So, we turned to upcycling as a creative solution. Sustainability through upcycling has become one of our core values. We do this by practicing an atelier model of slow and local production. We also repurpose unsold consumer-ready products, both ours and those of other brands. This unique method has come to embody our brand’s defining aesthetic.  We label the items that we upcycle as Cekette/Reclaimed. 

The importance of being cruelty free 

It’s in our brand’s DNA to be conscious and responsible. We continually prioritize the welfare of our planet and its inhabitants. To do this, we adhere to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and acquire our certified down feathers, a by-product of the food industry, from a regulated source in Germany.

A genderless state of mind

At Cekette, we believe that self-expression should not be limited by outdated social constructs and gender norms. Gendered clothing is also one of the greatest causes of overproduction in the fashion industry. Each season we design with a genderless state of mind, helping overcome both social and environmental problems caused by gendered clothing. 


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