I had long conversation with our faux leather supplier the other day, Eyüp the head sales at Hefa Deri. He said, I honestly do not know what they mean by calling it vegan leather. It is in fact cruelty free, since it is not real leather. So, we beg the question does vegan leather really exist?

 Eyüp: 10-15 years ago, no one actually really cared much for anything. Some suppliers even sold carcinogenic fabrics and buyers didn’t care to check what they were composed of. We must be sure that faux leather, or as some like to call it vegan leather, do not contain certain toxic chemicals, such as AZO. Therefore, they must undergo testing and be certified. The ones that you are buying from us are purely composed of polyurethane, PU for short. It looks like leather; it is also treatable like leather because it has that malleability. I see it like a steak but without the fat, like a pure steak.

Eyüp and I discussed further on how today people name it vegan instead of faux leather. He explains to me that a jacket made of vegan leather, means that it is cruelty free, safe and durable. But he reminds us that PU is an eco-friendly synthetic material that is not biodegradable; therefore, which needs to recycled. Let’s just hope that manufacturers and brands will just produce sensibly and adequately, so that PU made vegan leather garments will stay in our wardrobes for generations to come.