A short conversation with professional make-up artist, blogger,writer and Ted talker Rıfat Yüzüak.

 Should men do make-up?

No. Now don’t get me wrong I think women shouldn’t as well, because I don’t think it is necessary.  But just like clothing, make-up is a subject through which men have a tendency of not expressing themselves to the fullest.

It’s funny to say this, as a make-up artist, but more often I find make-up to be nonsensical. I am aghast to see all these women who exaggerate their relationship with make-up. Balance is key. When women end up buying 250 items from Sephora, trust me they will only get caught up into the “Sephora Trap”. There is a fierce competition within the market, which plays on women’s self confidence and now on men’s as well. But why, what for?

Do you think make-up is a genderless concept? If men do make-up what would you recommend for them?

Of course, I do. They should stick with the basics: a concealer, a tinted moisturizer and some powder. I think women should do the same. I find fake lashes, extreme eyes or extreme make-up to be frivolous and grotesque. Didn’t you watch my TED talk honey?

 Please remind me ?

 I talk about a technique, which I like to call the “self make-up technique”. This technique actually demands that you stay true to your features, to your true self. But instead and in general I see women trying to express their beauty by exaggerating their features. Modern beauty has become an illusion and we become players in this whole game of perception. So, we start doing things to become more beautiful, more desirable, more gorgeous, just wanting become more more more. Men tend to build extreme muscle; women tend to do extreme make-overs. The result is that we end up finding ourselves trying very hard to look like something we are not. At the end we are not happy, but even so we incessantly continue to repeat ourselves. Why? We shouldn’t allow the modern perception of beauty prevail upon us. We should be the ones who have control over our appearance, our looks.


A contradictory question then, any make up suggestions?

 Sure! Blur sticks either belonging to Nudestix (a cruelty free brand) or Milk, Charlotte Tilsbury’s night cream and just to have a bit of a glam on your lips get a PatMc Grath!

Watch more at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7f-sM0JXTg&t=5s