In this short entry I just wanted to reflect on some issues, as the owner of a brand undefined by gender norms.

Is genderless fashion just a trend? Technically both men and women could wear the same shirt, trouser, hoodie, coat or even tank top. So, is this simply a gender stereotype that we all face? 

In Turkey, there is a well-known tailor type called “erkekci” meaning “man like” and of course a whole industry built on it. In the meantime, there in no such positioning in terms of women’s tailors.

Coming from a completely different background I did not know these little differences, yet crucial in the sexual segregation of a garment type. For example, were you guys aware that closings on men’s blazers, coats or pants are on the opposite side compared to women’s and that there are more distinctions like this? Yet the funny part is that when I talk about this to my friends, women are not even aware of these slight variations, while men are and they abide by these rules. The more I discovered these subtle and amusingly absurd differences the more I was surprisingly shocked.

To be honest just because of these stereotypical boundaries, especially men seem to be confined to a duller clothing range. Sorry I cannot help myself, I have to write it. In most countries, men end up wearing boring clothing. However, some countries and some cities are exempt from this tediousness. 

I think this archaic binary approach and being defined by our social identities, limits our freedom of self-expression. Whereas we could be as assertive and as creative as we like in our choices, leaving behind conformity and convention.   

Hope we all get over with these social frontiers soon,