Based in Istanbul, Cekette was founded in 2018 by Lal Bilgutay; who dreamt of designing a collection of statement denim jackets that would suit all individuals unruled by social boundaries and fashion conventions.


The journey started with mass production, due to lack of experience, blind enthusiasm and great haste. Encountering several production obstacles and witnessing the waste generated by it, Cekette altered into an atelier style framework, employing slow and local production.


After three seasons featuring capsule collections composed of jackets and outerwear, Cekette with its Spring-Summer 2021 collection evolved into a ready-to-wear label offering a wider selection of apparel. It offers an array of casual and contemporary looks composed of stylish pieces with an undeniable cool flair


The brand aims to challenge the norm with its gender-inclusive and fair labour philosophy, implementing the most eco-conscious and less-wasteful approach. In its determination to minimise production waste, up-cycling has become one of its core values. Unsold consumer ready products belonging to Cekette as well as other brands are being repurposed through the process of deconstruction and reconstruction.


All garments are produced in Istanbul, handmade with care to create the highest quality. Styles with up-cycle elements are produced in small and limited batches due to definite quantities of available garments, also making each produced item distinct with slight variations.


Cekette is passionate about creating accessible statement pieces for individuals who want to reflect their personal style without judgment.