Responsible label for all kinds of individuals


Based in Istanbul, Cekette was founded in 2018 by Lal Bilgutay.


Cekette takes its name from the unique spelling of the word “jacket” in Turkish. The brand started as a label that would suit modern day individuals of all ages, groups and gender.


The initial collection was solely made of denim jackets, which materialized from this idea of gender neutrality; and swiftly thereafter evolved into a capsule collection of outerwear.


With its SS21 collection, Cekette matured into a compact yet smart ready-to-wear label focusing on womenswear. Faithful to its origins, the brand continues to display significant genderless options.


Each season’s main feature remains its outerwear collection, completed with an array of daring contemporary looks composed of stylish pieces with an undeniably cool flair.


The collections are defined by Lal’s unique way of using contrasting texture of fabrics: up-cycled denim, gabardine, duvet and vegan leather are amongst her favorite.


A genderless state of mind


Here at Cekette, we believe that boundaries defined by social identities limit our self-expression. As an extension, gendered clothing is one of the greatest causes of over production in the fashion industry.


Each season we design with a genderless state of mind, helping overcome both social and environmental problems caused by gendered clothing. 


Responsible Clothing: Up-Cycling and Slow Fashion


The downfall of our first denim collection, was its necessity to mass produce due to production minimum requirements. By quickly acknowledging the waste generated by overproduction, we adopted the creative solution of up-cycling, which has become one of our core values. 


To do so, not only did we alter into an atelier style framework employing slow and local production; but we also repurpose unsold consumer ready products belonging to us as well as other brands. This unique method formed our brand’s main aesthetic.


The importance of being cruelty free


Our mission is to be a conscious and responsible brand, and finding solutions to do better for the welfare our planet and of all its stakeholders.


In order to achieve our goals, we adhere to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS); and acquire our certified down, a by-product of the food industry, from a regulated source in Germany.

Vegan leather has also become a signature fabric of the brand for its cruelty free credentials.