We would like to share with you some insight about the journey of a start-up. Maybe it will convince you to start-up your own dream business. Here is our story in building a partnership based jewellery brand: Jaagravii.

  1. Naz started designing earrings 4 years ago by herself, using ready-made acrylic beads which were really big and chunky.
  1. She is a Gemini :) and of course had so many crazy ideas. But she kept her focus on the earrings and showcased her creativity by just sticking to one item at first.
  2. Later on in 2019, she realised that the design aspect of the business alone was not enough for it to succeed and become a strong business. She was not a numbers person and she needed someone to turn this into a profitable business. She did not want to deal with the hustle. 
  1. At that point Yasemin joined. She invested in her dream and coming from a business background, let’s say she fixed things a little :) 

 Working with your best friend may not be easy, there are plenty of pros and cons, of working with a partner (especially if it’s your best friend):


+ It is great to have your best friend as your partner, because there is great level of trust.

+Even if you have a bad day, you know that your partner is there to help you out.

-  Since our personal lives are also interconnected, we sometimes end up getting carried away by it, which always ends up bringing some chaos.

 Useful Advice (this implies for all kinds of start ups):

  1. Always stay on top of production
  2. Try to budget as realistically as possible
  3. Trust your partner and always have a united front no matter how complicated things get
  4. Division of labour is the key. Ex: when it comes to design and production, Naz is the boss. Yasemin mostly does sales and management.

Best of luck! 

Yasemin & Naz

ps: Don't forget to check out our products:)